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What is Orienteering?

Orienteering originated in Sweden in the early 1900’s as a military exercise and came to the U.S. in the 1940’s.   In 1971 it became officially organized in this country when Orienteering USA  (previously U.S. Orienteering...

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What To Expect

☐ Cash for maps, finger stick, or compass rental ☐ Compass with clear baseplate ☐ Lanyard for Compass ☐ Whistle ☐ Water ☐ Snacks ☐ Weather appropriate clothing Before The Event Orienteering is a fun outdoor sport and for the enjoyment of everyone participating in...

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Volunteers are Needed!

The COK is an all-volunteer organization that enhances the outdoor recreational opportunities for the greater Charlotte region. Many people benefit from events sponsored by the club.  But, people to make orienteering meets possible are limited - which is why your help...

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Explaining the Course Color Code

The courses are named by color, using a scheme established by the U.S. Orienteering Federation.   Generally, the longer courses involve more challenges, and more difficult off-trail navigation. As a courtesy to others on the course, please limit your group per map to...

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How to Choose the Correct Course

Following is a description of orienteering course levels, and the skills required to do them.   This is to help you decide which course is right for you.   Above all, remember that orienteering should be fun.   Choose the course that challenges your current skill...

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Orienteering Terms

This is a partial list of Orienteering terms. For a full list of useful terms, please visit Orienteering USA's Orienteering Lingo page. Aiming Off – to deliberately aim to one side of a control or feature so that you know which way to turn upon hitting the feature...

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Beginners’ Instruction

A short orientation session is usually available. This session will give you a few quick pointers on reading a map and doing an orienteering course so you can do your first course. It is a good place to ask a lot of questions. Make sure you review other General Info...

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Registration is the first place you should go at an orienteering event. Registration is open for a specified time, usually 10:00 AM to 12 noon (for most events). You can arrive and register any time during that period. However, make a note of...

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Orienteering – The Sport of a Lifetime

Orienteering is the sport of navigation with map and compass. It’s easy to learn , but always challenging. The object is to run, walk, ski, or mountain bike to a series of points shown on the map, choosing routes–both on and off trail–that will help you find all the...

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